Top 5 All Inclusive Resorts for the Honeymoon on Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Island is one of the most magnificent exclusive destination in the world for the beginning of the life together. This Caribbean location provides a romantic escape from reality. All of the natural wealth of the islands is yours to consume with all of your five senses.

Couple Turks and Caicos

It is very important to realise before you go to the any of the Caribbean islands that slow-pace behaviour of the locals and the hotel workers is a lifestyle, not their laziness. There is a lot of demanded tourists and if you are looking for a dinner that will be in front of you in 30 minutes, you should go to some major city. It is essential to understand everything. Also, nature is something hotels and resorts can’t control. That is beyond their power. If the weather is bad, the wind is strong or the mosquitos are making a pool party, that’s not the reason not to enjoy the other stuff in the resort complex.

Though it is very hard to distinguish the most beautiful resorts for the start of the married life for the newly-weds, we will try to be objective and single out the TOP 5 all inclusive resorts for the honeymoon vacations.


The Palms
The Palms

This all-inclusive 72-suite resort extends over 12 acres of the most beautiful ranked beach in the world, Grace Bay Beach, on the Providenciales island. The Palms is considered as the best-kept secret in the Caribbean since it is among the top luxury resorts in this region. It is very popular among the newly-weds because it provides tranquillity and peace for the guests. From the very first moment of your arrival to the Palms till the moment of checking out, you will be showered with warm Caribbean hospitality. The concierge staff is at your service 24/7, so you can fulfil everything imagined about the honeymoon. Inside the resort complex are spa and fitness centres, infinity pool, tennis court and of course, there is equipment for all water sports for those who like outside activity. White sandy beach and turquoise water of the Atlantic ocean gives the special satisfaction for the visitors.

As the food and drinks concerns, there are great restaurants and bars inside the resort, Parallel 23, 72’West, L’Attitude Bar, Plunge Bar on the infinity pool and Osmos Bar on the beachside.

The thing that couple usually love the most is Moonbathing when the guests enjoy in mini spa treatments in the lounge chairs by the pool under a bright Caribbean sky full of stars.


Heavenly honeymoon!“, „Heaven STARS“, „Nothing can compare to Seven Stars”, are just some of the comments on the TripAdvisor that describes this luxury resort on the island of Providenciales. It is perfect for the wedding day and honeymoon vacation.

The complex contains three main buildings with marble floor rooms which are enormous. Kitchens and bathrooms are fully equipment. There are even shampoos and soaps so you don’t have to bring your own.

Seven Stars Resort
Seven Stars Resort

There are three restaurants at the complex Seven Stars. The best for the continental breakfast is „The Seven“. Romantic dining atmosphere in the light of the torches you can get at the open-air beachside restaurant „The Deck“. If you get hungry while you are in the swimming pool, you can order casual fare or frozen drinks at the „Sand Dollar“. That isn’t good enough? You are able to have your own intimate dinner on the beach in the hotel’s cabana with your own personal butler. Take off your shoes and enjoy the experience of silky sand of Grace Bay.

The feature that only Seven Stars have on the whole island is the pool with heated salt-water. There are also a playground for the children for family vacations and of course, equipment for all water sports and activities. There are special Adult accommodation and Family accommodation, so the ones who go on the solo vacation can enjoy in peace and quiet by the pool or in their rooms without children’s noises and screams.


This resort is one of the larger ones on the famous Grace Bay Beach since it has 90 rooms in its complex. It occupies 600 feets on the beach. Honeymooners especially loves this resort because of its tranquillity. A friendly and dedicated team of hospitality want to make every client satisfied and happy so they are on their service all the time. They help all of the visitors to fulfil their dream vacation.

Alexandra Resort

We recommend reservation of the large suites with decks that provide magnificent view on the beach and green-blue calm sea. While Egyptian cotton flows over the master king size bed, champagne will chill in fully equipment kitchen while you have private dinner on the deck in the sunset. Nothing is more romantic than that, isn’t it? Large lagoon style pool will relax you during the day if you don’t want to go swimming in the sea, also there are spa and fitness centres for relaxation. There is also the intimate Spa Sanay that offers couples massages.

Guest can enjoy the snorkelling and boating excursions, as well as other water sports activities. Lovers of the golf have the Provo golf club just 10-minutes away from the resort, and while the man is playing golf, their better half’s could go shopping to the Provo plazas.


The real romantic experience that island could give is at this beachfront resort. It is spread over 800-acres on the private island of Pine Cay. This is the best choice for the honeymoon if you want to get away from the technology and prepared quick food. Everything is in the symbiosis with nature. Island is available for rental either if you want a wedding, to celebrate some family occasion or anniversary.

The Meridian Club
The Meridian Club

The resort Meridian Club has the most private beach that you’ll ever see, 2-miles long. Organise the day plan on your own. Enjoy snorkel, scuba diving, fishing, playing tennis, golf, drive-in movies, biking, taste the new flavours of the local cuisine.

The sound of silence is the only one you will hear besides waves and quiet lounge music. This resort is a green resort which means it supports environmental conservation. The number of homes is strictly limited, most of the objects have rain after catching and storage systems, solar hot water heaters. Green technology consumed the whole island and everyone sticks to that rules not because someone said that as a rule but because locals have environmental consciousness.

The Meridian Club all inclusive resort offers twelve Beachfront rooms, four Premium rooms (air conditioning included), one Sand Dollar Cottage and private homes for rent. Most popular rental in the resort is the Sand Dollar Cottage, especially among the honeymooners and couples. It is ideal romantic retreat since it is a distance away from the other objects in the complex.


Creating happiness here and now“ is a vision of the resort’s creator Gérard Blitz who had an idea to make a place where guests can have everything they want from a vacation. Since 1950, Club Med is a pioneer of all-inclusive vacations, awarded with Globe Travel Award. Club Med has over 60 resorts in the world, among which is the one in Turks and Caicos island. It is called Club Med Turkoise.

Club Med
Club Med

The resort is located on the 12-miles long, secluded Grace Bay beach and has several objects with divided 290 rooms. There are two dining objects, the Lucayan beachside restaurant and the Sharkies Grill & Beach Bar. Club Med is an ideal location for the water sports lovers and for the beach lovers. Popular tourist shopping centre, Provo, is just 2km away from this resort, so guests shouldn’t waste time and go shopping there. Also, in this resort, there are sailing school, windsurfing school, tennis school, fitness school with experienced teachers for every skill level.

Your honeymoon vacation days you can fulfil going on the scuba diving or sailing or deep sea fishing. Colourful bungalows and pearl white beaches are what attracts couples right here, in Providenciales, in luxurious all inclusive resort that has it all in one place.